Enjoy Hoi An Bread

Considered “the most delicious bread in the world” – Hoi An bread has been the choice of most visitors because of its uniqueness and taste. It can be confirmed that the rise of Hoi An bread is also the rise of the frugal tastes but it has become a masterpiece of the charming of Hoi An people. 

lthough bread appears simply-used for breakfast and other meals, making it takes meticulous process and a long time. Therefore, making an attractive bread is a culinary achievement of the local baker.



Bread must always be kept hot, ensuring the crust is crisp but not too tough and the inside is soft. Instead of using ham like other regions, Hoi An bread uses pork absorbed in spices and cooked soft. An important part combined with the pork which contributes to the creation of the specific fragrance of Hoi An bread is pate. Processing pate is not very simple. Pate has to be juicy, soft and fragrant. Beside that, a special butter and making from chicken eggs and cooking oil… mixed with fried pork, beef and ham… Tra Que vegetable, papaya salad. Sauce is made from the pork gravy…all blended together creates one of the distinctive dishes of Vietnam.


Hoi An people consider: enjoying bread to be an art. Bread is also nutritious and good for the health. A loaf of hot, crispy bread with pork meat, pate, vegetable and sauce inside will certainly attract you immediately.


The 7 bread stalls in Hoi An you should enjoying: 

1. “Old town” bread It is considered to be the most delicious bread by gourmets. Tourists seem to be attracted by the simple but very tasty of ” old town” bread at the first enjoying. Located at 02 Le Loi street ( next to the famous tamarind tree). 

2. Lanh bread It is one of the most delicious and oldest bread stall in Hoi An. It is served in the afternoon and evening. Located at 430 Cua Dai 

3. Queen bread Owner of the bread stall is an old woman Khanh 80 years old, she has sold bread over 30 years. Her bread is got the international quality. Located at 115 Tran Cao Van 

4. Mrs Bua bread Her bread is very special for breakfast, it is served with steamed glutinous rice which you have never found anywhere except Hoi An Located at 117 Nguyen Truong To 

5. Bich bread It is a beautiful place for enjoying a delicious loaf of bread and viewing the old town. Located at 57 Phan Chu Trinh 

6. Minh Thu bread She serves bread with roasted pork. It is very delicious and special. Located at 248 Ly Thuong Kiet 

7. Phuong bread Tourists consider ” it is the most delicious bread in the world ” Located at 2b Phan Chu Trinh Bread is a simple and daily dish and often called ” street food” which you can get everywhere. It is also a fast food of Europeans and it has become a special dish in Hoi An. Coming to Hoi An, don’t forget to try a Hoi An breadand experience a taste you will never forget.

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